Nurturing chiropractic care

About ME


Sima Soltani DC

Graduated from Palmer West chiropractic school in 2016.  Dr. Sima is  certified in various chiropractic tools as well as being a supervising  chiropractor with Physical therapy privileges. I have experience with pregnant mothers and children from young age through adulthood.


Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a great  component of balanced lifestyle.  With the right exercise and healthy choice of food and chiropractic care, you can achieve the optimal function in your body  metabolism, therefore better nutrition to the joints and muscles equals to better mechanical function. Therefore to have the optimal body function you need  a chiropractor to  maintain your well being. so no more joint pain, no more muscle inflammation and fatigue.  


Reclaim your wellness

Dr. Sima is looking forward to working with you in achieving wellness.