Nurturing chiropractic care


Chiropractic Adjustments


An adjustment is manipulation of a joint to increase range of motion  and function in extremities and/or spine.

A decrease in motion leads to inflammation which leads to pain over time .This process can be due to an acute condition or chronic condition. 

So to avoid having decreased motion in the spine and/or extremities  make sure to get adjusted.

Dry Needling


Chiropractic Dry Needling opens up the trigger points in the muscle. Trigger points are knots in the muscle.

Trigger point forms as a result of bad posture, stress, overuse of the muscle. They can be active and cause a radiating pain  that can become chronic and cause spasms. Chiropractic dry needling can help open them up.

Kinisiology Tape


Maintains the integrity of the structure. Can help decrease pain by increasing blood flow which means decreases inflammation.

FUN FACT: when there is inflammation in the muscle that means that tissue hasn't received enough nutrients from the blood streams. A decrease in the  flow of the blood of stream can be due to the lack of movement of the muscle and joint.. So Exercise and Eat Healthy

Rehabilitation After Injury


Have you been in a car accident? Have a sports injury? Recent surgery? Our services can help you recover and feel better.

Wellness Care


Chiropractic care + Exercise and Healthy diet defines wellness care. It  is a type care where one maintains their optimal health condition by choosing to exercise , eats healthy and get adjusted in order to avoid inflammation and decrease function in the body and joints. 


includes , cryotherapy that is  use of ice pack to numb the nerve to be able to dig into the tissue.helps  with acute conditions 

Heat pack= used more for chronic conditions to increase blood flow in the tissue


Exercises given to patient for their respective musculoskeletal conditions. including  extremities and spine to increase range of motion

Webster technique

This is Specific to mothers with breech child. This Maneuver is  done when a mother has ultrasound showing the breech baby. You can read about it more on ICPA website.